Jones Granger has been representing railway employees for over 50 years in matters pertaining to on-the-job injuries, asbestos-related disease, injuries due to exposure to toxic chemicals, and many other railroad-related issues.

The railroad trade labor unions have appointed certain attorneys to act as their "designated counsel". Union appointed attorneys serve the unions in a variety of advisory roles.
Jones Granger is pleased to serve in this capacity for the following unions:

IAMAW Designated Counsel
BRS Designated Counsel
BMWED Designated Counsel NCFO Designated Counsel
BLET Designated Counsel TCU Designated Counsel
IBB Designated Counsel
SMW Designated Counsel

As designated counsel, Jones Granger specializes in the representation of railroad employees for injuries suffered on the job. Railroad workers, like no other workers in the country, fall under a federal law commonly known as the "Federal Employers' Liability Act" or FELA. It is important to understand that this is a highly specialized law that requires experienced FELA attorneys. Railroad accident attorneys, or FELA lawyers, must completely understand this law to represent the railroad employee with regard to their FELA injury.

Our home office is located at 10000 Memorial Drive in Houston, Texas. Our team of attorneys, field representatives, investigators, legal assistants and other essential support personnel provide the injured railroad worker the finest representation available. The following represents a list of all attorneys and investigators employed by
Jones Granger:


J. Weldon Granger
David Q. Haag
Robert M. Tramuto
Marc A. Zito
Bruce E. Halstead
Robert L. Norton
Hal Bailey
Benjamin Granger
Kevin M. Camp
David Barbe

Joe Inabnett - Of Counsel
Terry Compton
Leonard ("Len") Baca
Mickey Muschietty
Mike Wise


As stated before, railroad injury claims are extremely complicated and, in most cases, should not be handled by the injured railroad employee. The railroad claim departments are staffed with highly trained railroad lawyers and railroad claim agents, whose sole purpose is to reduce, or to completely eliminate any potential claims that an injured employee may have. These individuals are very well versed in the handling of these FELA accidents and injuries. Regardless of the extent of the injuries that you may have received as a result of your railroad accident, please feel free to contact us for any help or advice that you might need.

Jones Granger knows that service to our clients is of the utmost importance. We specialize in FELA and railroad law to deliver the highest quality representation possible to our clients and the unions that they belong to. It is of importance for you, the client, to select an attorney who is knowledgeable, experienced and trustworthy. Jones Granger is privileged and proud to have served so many generations of railroad employees and their families.